Date of Birth: 14/05/2010

HD/A , ED/A , OCD free


  • Internationale Champion
  • Show Champion of Hungary
  • Grand Champion of Hungary
  • Grand Champion of Serbia
  • Champion of Hungary
  • Champion of Slovakia
  • Champion of Romania
  • Champion of Serbia
  • Veteran Champion of Hungary
  • Junior Champion of Hungary
  • Junior Champion of Serbia
  • Junior Clubwinner of Hungary 2011
  • Clubwinner of Hungary 2012,BOB and Res.Best in Show
  • Veteran Clubwinner and Veteran BEST IN SHOW
  • Derby Winner 2011 and Best Derby
  • Junior Club Star 2011, Club Star male 2011-2014
  • 6 x Junior winner, 6 x Junior BOB, 4 x Veteran Cac
  • 27 x Cac, 2 x Res.Cacib, 13 x Cacib, 4 x BOS, 24 x BOB
  • 3 x BOG, 2 x RES.BOG, 4 x BOG 3
  • Baby EUW 2010(Celje),Baby Res.Best in Show(Poland Clubshow),Baby BIS 3
  • Special awards: Double Scotch Cup( Best Junior bearded collie 2011, Szilvásvárad), Cooper Cup(2012 Komarom Clubshow), Best British Sheepdog(2013 Hodmezovasarhely Cacib)
Int.CH Breaksea Norwegian Wood GBCH Moonhill Does It In Style GBCH Gillaber Tillycorthie
GBCH Moonhill Classy Business
GBCH Breaksea Imagine GBCH Sammara Soft Touch
GBCH Breaksea Ebony and Ivory
WW-08-09,EUW-11,Int.CH Firstprizebears Cony Island GBCH Gillaber Drummond GBCH Gillaber Tillycorthie
Gillaber Cairnacay
WW-00,Int.CH Firstprizebears Very Brown Firstprizebears Emerson
Int.CH Firstprizebears Hillary Clinton